Rubin is a well established company with more than 50 years of history in glass containers production. The plant is located in central North Bulgaria, in the industrial area of Pleven town, and is well provided for road and railway transportation, which is very important for optimization of incoming resources and raw materials, and outgoing production quantities.

The factory’s Production capacity is over 190 000 000 bottles and jars annually. The product range includes bottles from 100ml to 5000ml, and jars from 80ml to 2650ml. Rubin presents over 400 different articles that comprise various bottle shapes and capacities, in flint, green and uvag glass for wineries, breweries and canned food industry, for hard drink and soft drink producers and a large variety of jars for food and canned food industry.

Glass containers from Rubin are distinguished for their style, solidity, quality and design. Our competitive prices are specified with respect to the growing demands of glass packaging markets. More and more products are packed in glass containers from Rubin and reach both domestic and foreign markets.

The complete processing cycle at each separate stage of production – up to the final product storage – is managed and controlled by our well developed and constantly updated information system. Thanks to its own web site, only Rubin provides its customers with permanent access to information and the opportunity to make purchases online.

Major customers of Rubin are manufacturers of wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, preserved food and etc. Our quality products are recommended by our partners in countries like Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, Russia, Kosovo, Latvia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Israel and more. The number of countries where our products are exported is constantly increasing.

Our advantage in well developed and flexible marketing policy allows us to submit the best quotes and products of distinctive quality, ever-following the market trends.