Eating healthy depends not only on what you eat and drink, but also in what package you buy and reheat your products. Numerous studies recommend the use of glass containers. Glass is a natural material which is chemically stable and impervious. Thanks to this unique properties the glass provides the best and most healthy storage for foods and beverages.

Pure and natural

Glass does not require additional layers or ingredients to protect the foods and the beverages, to preserve the flavors or the carbonization of the drinks. Glass does not contain bisphenol A (chemical substance that mimics estrogen) or any other harmful substances, which are included in other packing materials. Glass is 100% glass.

Glass protects perfectly

It protects best the food and the beverages, keeping the good stuff on the inside and eliminating the bad stuff on the outside. Glass packages preserv the vitamins, the original flavor and freshness of the foodstuff. Glass acts as a natural barier against bacteria and prevents the spoilage of the contents due to temperature changes. Green and brown glass protects against ultra violet rays. Glass is safe and sutiable for use in microwaves. It’s easy to clean and sterilize. Glass have all these qualities simply because it doesn’t affect the foods and the beverages, but protects them, without changing them.